Specialist nursery for water, marginal and moisture loving plants

Tor Garden Plants is a water garden and mail order plant nursery situated on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon. Overlooked by tors and the famous Brentor church. Formerly named Rowden Gardens, there has been a plant nursery on this site for the past 35 years and it is home to the Rowden Irises bred by Mr and Mrs Carter during that time.

Who we are ...

My name is Emma Robertson and myself, my husband Tom and our 3 greyhounds, fell in love with the nursery here at Brentor and made it our home. I have over 15 years' experience working in horticulture, was recently a National Trust Head Gardener and have always been a keen plants woman, with a particular love of irises.

What we do ...

Here at Tor Garden Plants we have a passion to grow strong, healthy plants that will thrive in your garden. We supply plants for a range of situations from ponds, water features, bog gardens and those tricky moisture retentive areas of the garden.  All the plants we sell are grown on site within the mature water garden, so we can guarantee they are strong, hardy and healthy plants. We supply all of our plants bare root at the appropriate times of year.  We are working hard to reduce our use of plastic in the nursery and offer a plastic free mail order service.  Always happy to offer advice and answer any questions you may have, we are mainly a mail order nursery but will open to customers by appointment only.

Emma's Blog

Ducks, Pond Plants and Pest Control

Ducks, Pond Plants and Pest ControlWithin the water garden and nursery we have 10 canal style ponds that run vertically across the garden. They are stocked full of pond plants including deep floating water plants, marginals, oxygenating plants and a great range of water irises.
Ponds can quickly become covered with weed and it only takes the smallest amount to come in on the feet of a bird or animal and the whole pond can soon be covered. To keep our 10 ponds clean of weed takes a lot of man power so that is why we decided to hire in a quack team to help us. We have three ducks in the garden. An Indian Runner called Gemima and two white Campbells called snow and white. They have made an amazing impact on the ponds. Th ... More ››