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Precious spring plants

Precious spring plantsI often think it must be nice to be a spring flower. Everyone looks forward to seeing you with anticipation and then they are thrilled when you finally show your colours. Its not like being a summer plant when you have to compete with every other flowering plant in all shades of the rainbow. Spring is a time for the select few. Firstly the Galanthus have their day, then the Iris reticulata, Narcissus, Tulips and Primulas. Each seem to have a period where all the attention is just on then. We are never bored by the same flowers in fact every year we appreciate them that little bit more. So if I had to choose, I would be a spring flower. I just cant quite make up my mind which one yet as it changes every spring.
Here at the nursery we have a great range of primulas available and they will soon be ready for delivery so please check them and then you can appreciate them every year in your garden.

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