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Currently Closed For The Winter Months

Currently Closed For The Winter MonthsAfter October 1st we cease sending plants out to customers as our pond plants will not have enough time to get establisehed before the cold weather begins. We will start taking orders in the new year and start sending plants out early spring.

We are really excited about the 2021 season with a new updated website coming in the new year including lots of exciting new plants to add to our collection. We will also be expanding our collection of 'Rowden Irises'.

Please join us in 2021 in transforming wet into wonderful.

We are now suppliers of root nurse fabric pots

We are now suppliers of root nurse fabric potsBiodegradable, breathable, reusable and made from recycled plastic bottles and natural fibres, these pots are perfect for pond plants and last 3-5 years before breaking down.

Plastic pots often become brittle after 3-5 years of use and then have to be sent off to land fill.

Available in 2 litre, 3.8 litre and 8 litre sizes with handles making it easier to lift in an out of the pond.

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