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Rowden Irises

Rowden IrisesTor Garden Plants was formerly named Rowden Gardens and was ran as a nursery for over 35 years. The previous owners John and Galen Carter had huge success in breeding water irises. Originally transforming an empty field into a water garden with 10 canal style ponds which have now matured and become a wonderful garden. Now both retired, we are lucky enough to have them as our neighbours and they are very generous with their time, expertise and plants! We are excited to take over the garden and nursery and continue their good work.
The Rowden Irises were bred from Iris versicolor, Iris laevigata and Iris ensata. With around 100 given the Rowden name. They have a diverse range of colours and are great garden plants which bulk up nicely. Considering it can take at least 7 years for for an Iris chosen from a seedling to be named and available for sale, it just shows the time and dedication that were put into these plants. The national collection of Rowden Iris is held at RHS Rosemoor for visitors to see.
We are working towards having a collection here at the nursery and increasing the amount we have available for sale. Please check out our website to see which Rowden Iris we currently have available.

Photo is Iris versicolor 'Rowden Cantata'

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