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Container ponds - Create your own pond in a pot

Container ponds - Create your own pond in a pot People often think they need a big space to have a pond in their garden. It is possible to make a mini pond in any garden by using a pot or container. Not only do they make a nice water feature they are extremely beneficial to wildlife. The RHS and the Wildlife Trust have recently combined to launch a campaign called 'Wild About Gardens'. They talk about the importance of garden ponds and how even small container ponds are great for wildlife.
The last century has seen a decline in ponds by 70% and yet ponds are the best way to attract wildlife into your garden. Even a small container pond is great for birds, mammals and insects.
Ponds can be created in old galvanised wash tubs, belfast sinks and even garden pots. I have my own mini pond on my decking area which is in an old metal firebucket.
Small ponds can accomaodate some marginal and floating plants that don't get too big. Waterlilies for small ponds can be used along with flowering plants like Iris versicolor, Sagittaria and Anemopsis. Foliage plants like Houttuynia and Juncus.
As with all gardening, once plants establish and out grow the space, it is just a matter of splitting them and putting a small clump back. Even the waterlily can be split and repotted easily.

Pond in a Pot plant packs
We are now offering 'Pond in a pot plant packs' where all you need is a suitable pot or container and you can create your own water feature and space for wildlife. We also provide our plants plastic free in biodegradable pots making them even more environmentally friendly.
Check them out on our website.


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